Insiicnia is the first data and images base in the world that scientifically classifies advertisements of pharmaceutical products and devices for human health which have been published on paper by international biomedical sources as well as journals, newspapers, bulletins, o print reports from universities, enterprises, or research centers and institutions.

Insiicnia started to be worked out in 1998 in agreement with the arrival of the first collections of periodical journals on paper to Biblioteca Biomedica SIIC. These journals are the only scientific means where published advertisements remain unchanged. Eleven years after, the various technical procedures started to be studied and developed. These procedures were finished in 2010.

The elapsed period of time – sprinkled with successes, failures and changes of plans – contributed to the official birth of a sound Insiicnia made up by approximately 10.000 advertisements of the whole world. This amount grows from day to day.